Biblical Counseling

Food For Your Soul is committed to Biblical (nouthetic) Counseling.

The debate over how we should counsel in the church is often heated and passionate. All agree that we should try to help those who are struggling, but differ over which approach is better—Integration or Biblical Counseling?

The Integration model holds that we should integrate secu­lar theories of psychotherapy with biblical principles. The Biblical Counseling model, also called nouthetic counseling, relies on biblical principles alone.

The biblical counselor is not opposed to the use of common sense or all human reason. On the contrary, those elements of psychology can be quite helpful. The Integration model errs not in the fact that it uses common sense, but in that it uses the philosophies of psychology that are unbiblical. Not all human wisdom is bad—only human wisdom applied to spiritual issues that are addressed in Scripture. Anger, for example, is addressed in God's Word as a spiritual issue with spiritual remedies. It is not a mere psychological problem.

At Food For Your Soul, we believe in the sufficiency of Scripture for all spiritual issues. 

The first session is free (normally about 90 minutes)

At the end of the first session I will lay out a proposed plan for the counseling, and you can decide if you would like to proceed. 

Additional sessions: $50 per one hour session. Reduced rates are available for those in financial need.