Tom Moller


Tom Moller became aware of Agape by listening to "Food For Your Soul" on KRKS at 5:30 am every morning while preparing for his own show, "KRKS Mornings with Tom Moller," which starts at 6 am.  He started attending the North Campus, but moved to the South Campus upon its inception.
He is a career radio broadcaster, having started as a radio news anchor in Lansing, Michigan, where he attended Michigan State University and where he met his wife, Donna.  He and Donna moved to Santa Barbara, California, where he was a "top 40" disc-jockey and producer of sports programs with one-time Los Angeles Laker assistant coach Bill Bertka and world record miler Jim Ryun. His vocational life was very satisfying but his marriage became a failure.  Out of desperation, he called out to God while considering jumping from the 6th floor balcony at his radio station. Jesus powerfully met him there in what he calls a "road to Damascus experience."  Donna turned her life over to Jesus 1 week later.  That was in 1972.  They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary December of 2015.
Tom's conversion in 1972 pretty much coincided with the coming-to-prominence of Contemporary Christian Music and the conversions of many of the rock and roll artists with whom he either worked or whose records he played.  A few years later he moved out of secular radio and put a new Contemporary Christian Music format on the air in Santa Barbara.  A few years after that he moved to Denver to manage another Contemporry Christian Music station, and co-hosted a morning show consisting of wholesome humor with well-known Denver radio funnyman Bob Lee who had become a believer (one newspaper writer said he had to pull over to the side of the road to avoid causing an accident because he was laughing so hard at one of their comedy routines.)  Tom "retired" around 2001, but wanted to keep his fingers in the business he loves, so became a fill-in news anchor at News/Talk 710 KNUS, which is a sister station to KRKS.  He later accepted an offer to host the morning show on KRKS, where he works currently.  So much for "retirement."  
He and Donna had always wanted to find a church which did expository line-by-line teaching like they remembered at one of their first churches in Santa Barbara, but they never could find one. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and started his own expository Bible Study in his home.  He did that for 16 years before coming to Agape.  He fretted about not finding a place where he could sit under expository preaching, all the while listening to "Food For Your Soul" while preparing for his own show on KRKS.  Suddenly it dawned on him that what he was looking for was there all the time.  And he's been at Agape ever since, eventually accepting God's call to be an elder.