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Spiritual Gifts and Passions

What is Your Gift Category?

Every Christian’s mix of gifts is unique. This simple survey is designed only to let us know the general categories of gifts you might have. On a scale of 1-10, which of these categories would you score highest?


This a very broad term and could refer to a whole range of gifts involving helping people with your words. It can refer to the ability to encourage and uplift those who are down, to motivate those who are apathetic, or to warn those in sin. It is giving the person the words they need for spiritual growth in the time and manner in which they need them.


You care deeply about those who are suffering – deeply enough to do something about it. Even when their suffering is their own fault, you are moved by it and want to help.


You love to give – whether it be money, gifts, time, attention – you just really enjoy giving. And you’re good at giving in ways that really make a difference.


When other people worry or fret or doubt God, it’s easy for you to keep trusting God. Whatever the Bible says is true, seems true to you, and God’s promises are easy for you to believe.


You are quick to say, “yes” when someone asks for help. You like being available to fill in the gaps, and you are able to spot situations where help is needed.

This may be the most common of the gifts. Very often people with the gift of helps or service feel like they have no gift at all, because they do not feel any particular passion or ability in one specific area. God designed them to be available to help wherever needed. So they tend to have a variety of skills and abilities, and it is the very fact that they aren’t focused on one certain area that makes them so valuable, because they are ready to help whoever needs them at a particular moment.


People tend to follow your lead. If a group is stalled out because no one is taking leadership, you will tend to speak up and get things moving.


You get things done. You are good at taking care of logistics. When someone has an idea for some new thing, if you have the resources, you can put that idea into action. You dislike loose ends, chaos, and lack of organization.


You have a knack for explaining abstract concepts to people in ways they can understand. You have a natural sense for how to say it differently depending on who you’re talking to, so they can get it. You love to study and learn, and when you do, what you learn burns inside you until you teach it to someone.


Whether it be a sermon, a book, or a conversation about spiritual things, you are able to discern subtle errors that others miss – wrong interpretations of Scripture, incorrect doctrines, inaccurate ways of thinking about God or spiritual things, etc.


You have a compelling desire to share the gospel, and a natural ability to present it in a compelling way.

Word of Wisdom

Similar to the gift of evangelism, this gift focuses especially on preaching. It is rhetorical ability in articulating the Gospel.  

What Are Your Passions?

For each of the following ministry categories, you may have a low level of passion, a normal level, or it may be a driving passion. (If there is an area of ministry in the church you don't see listed, add it.)

  • Men’s or Women’s Ministry

  • Welcoming/Hospitality

  • Fellowship

  • Small Groups

  • Outreach

  • Children

  • Youth or Young Adults

  • Education/Training

  • Kindness

  • Organization, finance, records

  • Presentation

  • Worship

Now, go to the leaders of the ministries you are most passionate about, describe your gifts, and ask if there is a way you can serve that ministry with your gift.

[1] This gift is very similar to the “Word of Knowledge” gift, which seems to be special ability to teach in the area of Christian living.

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